It Is More Important Than Ever to Reach Settlement Out-of-Court

Due to budget cuts, Los Angeles County recently closed eight courthouses:  West Los Angeles, Avalon, Huntington Park, Whittier, Pomona and San Pedro, and even the iconic Beverly Hills and Malibu Courthouses.

In the course of completely restructuring the Los Angeles court system, Personal Injury lawsuits became the biggest victim. Prior to the changes, lawsuits were filed in the courthouse closest to the incident; now, however, all Personal Injury cases are filed downtown at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. This means that every case from Lancaster to Long Beach and Calabasas to East Los Angeles is filed in the same courthouse!  These changes have caused ridiculous delays. Cases I filed in Summer 2013 were assigned 2015 trial dates.  Riverside County is about as backed-up and Ventura and San Diego also face delays.

In order to avoid these delays in getting your doctors’ bills paid and receiving compensation for your pain and suffering, settlement must be reached, generally with an insurance company, prior to filing a lawsuit.  It takes an experience personal injury attorney to handle your case in order to obtain a fair settlement in this legal environment. To some degree, the court backlog further takes away leverage from the injured party/Plaintiff since the case will be assigned a trial date 20-months after your lawsuit.  This allows the other side to simply delay until closer to trial to even attempt to make a fair settlement offer, in order to delay disbursing any settlement funds. Generally, The Law Office of Kenneth E. Norman helps their clients reach settlement prior to filing a lawsuit, and has developed a reputation with the insurance companies reach these fair settlements.  The Law Office of Kenneth E. Norman successfully files lawsuits, even taking cases to trial; but choosing these options will see these serious delays.